This is the Instruction Manual for The Simpsons Game

Basic ControlsEdit

When you re-play an episode, you can press the TRIANGLE button to skip some cut scenes.

General GameplayEdit

These are the common controls for all Simpson family memebers.

L1 = Strafe/Target (to switch release then re-press or hold the L1 button and move the right stick)

R1 = Activate special character ability

UP, LEFT, RIGHT or DOWN = Family member switch


SQUARE = Punch

CIRCLE = Special attack (press) and charged attack (press and hold then release)

X = Jump (press againn while airborne for double-jump)

SELECT = To-Do List

START = Pause Menu


RIGHT STICK = Move camera R3 (press) to Center camera

The L3 button and the R3 btton function when pressed.

Want to really sock it to an enemy? Try this power combo: SQUARE button, SQUARE button, TRIANGLE button.

Note: You cannot switch Simpson characters when either your current character or your is in a certain state, like jumping, climbing or glinding.

Additional ControlsEdit

When the Simpsons realise they are living in a video game, each member of the family discovers their own unique video game power. Lisa is a very spiritual. Bart unleashes his alter ego, Bartman. Marge is good at nagging. Homer is good at eating. Read on for common gameplay controls as well as each Simpson's special abilities.

Note: For more information on each character's special charged-up attack (in bold below), see Power Meter in contents.

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